Vitals by Cargo Signal

Empowering a healthy supply chain.

Safety and security solutions designed exclusively for the healthcare sector.

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Vitals serves the entire spectrum of healthcare:

  • Biotechnology
  • Medical devices
  • Diagnostics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Generics/biosimilars
  • Vaccines


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See how Vitals boosts safety and security for healthcare products.

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Live monitoring software

Vitals eliminates blind spots for full situational awareness at all times. Our live monitoring software includes:

  • Data capture: View current location and temperatures, and match shipment events.
  • Temperature alerts: Receive web-based, configurable temperature alerts with resolution protocols.
  • Timing analysis: See actionable GDP process data and daily or on-demand reports.

Warehouse temperature monitoring

Vitals ensures product integrity with warehouse storage visibility. Warehouse and monitoring services include:

  • On-site installation: View sensor placement and a facility thermal profile review.
  • Monitoring software: See temperature readings and alerts, and get access to data archive and audit trails.
  • Optimum device performance: Count on state-of-the-art device technology with built-in redundancy and device upgrades as needed.

Fully managed services

Add fully managed services from Cargo Signal and get command center oversight from a team of safety and security experts. Fully managed services include:

  • 24/7 monitoring: Ensures all business rules are followed and that action is taken when they aren’t.
  • Detailed route planning and current location: This puts us in the best-possible position to respond immediately to an adverse event.
  • Intervention escalation protocols: We leverage our global offices to contact steamship lines, airlines, trucking companies, and even law enforcement when necessary.

Let’s lock down supply chain integrity for the safety and security of your healthcare product.

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