Cargo Signal

Need help monitoring your supply chain?


Whether it's from fleets, phones, or cargo sensors, we are obsessed with collecting data and do a lot more than just put it on a map.


We are making cargo smarter. Stop guessing - Let temperature, humidity, shock and tilt data help guide your decisions.


The perfect blend of seasoned security experts and experienced logisticians aided by best-in-class technology and proven risk management tactics.

How Cargo Signal is Transforming MTM Robotics' Supply Chain

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Cargo Signal Features

Increasing Speed and Accuracy

Threat Management

Understand supply chain disruptions like weather, traffic, and theft risk zones and receive regular updates on where and how your product is at risk.


Get a response when it's needed most, whether it's from a client you want notified when they're about to receive a package, or from law enforcement in order to prevent a loss.

Command Center Software

Access our IoT software platform to enable real time decision making for your teams.

Advanced Cargo Sensors

Leverage advanced cargo sensors reporting light and temperature, to improve supply chain performance.

Access the Cargo Signal
Operating System

Application features:

A global map view showing most recent reported location of all of your Cargo Signal shipments.

Prefer a list view? See your shipments by tracking number, or origin and destination.

Access shipment details for quick reference.

Get both temperature and light readings in an easy-to-understand graph that shows all sensor data over the duration of the shipment, allowing you to quickly see changes, highs and lows, and current readings.

See detailed map information for a single shipment, including origin, destination, planned route, most recent reported location, and location of all previous sensor readings along the route.

About Cargo Signal

Our core mission is to help protect and strengthen your brand by preventing loss, delay, or damage to cargo and by turning information into insight using a blend of people, technology, and processes.

We offer global control and oversight of the location and condition of the products moving through your supply chain. Through active, real-time monitoring using advanced cargo sensors, our team of security and logistics professionals will keep an eye on your shipments and take steps to respond based on your priorities.

Our high-tech, high-touch approach helps our customers develop cost effective solutions targeting supply chain vulnerabilities and enables rapid decision making through in-transit visibility to avoid delay and loss. We empower our customers to discover new value in their supply chains through the Internet of Things. Every day, our customers are finding new ways to create value using the data unlocked by Cargo Signal.

Cargo Signal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Expeditors International of Washington, Inc. We are headquartered in Seattle, WA.

Cargo Signal

Jose Ubeda

Senior Vice President

Jose Ubeda

As Senior Vice President for Digital Solutions at Expeditors, Jose Ubeda oversees all functions of its wholly owned subsidiary, Cargo Signal. Jose joined Expeditors in 1984 at the age of 17 and by 1991 he was the company’s Seattle Branch Air and Ocean Export Manager. After stints in district and regional managerial roles, and rising further to regional vice president duties, Jose joined the executive leadership team in 2010 as Senior Vice President of Global Air. Jose is a member of the Cargo Network Services advisory board. He is also active in the development of career opportunities for youth through the company's Opportunity Knocks program. Jose is a board member for the Puget Sound chapter of Year Up and serves on the national board of directors of Cristo Rey.

Randy Gould

Global Director

Randy Gould

Randy has 12 years of experience implementing technology within complex supply chains spanning a broad range of subjects including supply chain visibility, data analytics, advanced cargo sensors and trade compliance. Through various leadership roles he has built successful teams across multiple disciplines including data science, graphic design, sales, account management, military, insurance and security. His deep operational knowledge has allowed him to design strategic solutions with Fortune 500 companies. Prior to his current role, Randy managed a customer retention program spanning 1,000s of companies across multiple geographies. He is a licensed U.S. Customs Broker.

Phil Coolberth

Senior Manager

Phil Coolberth

Phil served 27 years in federal and state government service. He is retired from the United States Air Force Security Forces and spent two years with the Idaho State Police's Bureau of Criminal Identification. From 2009 to 2013, Phil served as Deputy Director, (G2) Intelligence and Security within the army's surface distribution component of U.S. Transportation Command, in the Department of Defense's Civilian Intelligence Personnel program. His team protected an $11 billion logistics enterprise and led a multi-disciplined staff providing logistics analysis, counterintelligence, DoD Police, antiterrorism, and information assurance support programs for five operational brigades, 20 battalions, and 2,000+ employees at 22 worldwide locations.

Derek Moulton

Operations Manager

Derek Moulton

Derek's career began at a major steamship line in Salt Lake City and Phoenix, where he coordinated inland trucking and managed a fleet of company drivers. During this time he gained valuable experience in export and import traffic, documentation, customs regulations, Hazmat procedures, safety and security, container yard operations, vessel operations, intermodal operations, and domestic trucking. Derek’s expertise in risk management further developed over years managing cargo claims accounts for globally recognized brands. In 2014, Derek became a founding member of a premium-level, 24/7 cargo monitoring service for sensitive shipments, that grew to become Cargo Signal Solutions, LLC.

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