Total transparency

Cargo Signal gives you full supply chain visibility so you can act fast when necessary and save your cargo from delay or disaster.

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Get complete supply chain visibility for safe, secure, and on-time cargo.

See the truth.

Get real-time data from all points on all cargo; revealed and resourced as one single truth.

Act faster.

Partner with logistics and technology experts who can help you quickly turn data into actionable insight.


Use what you learn. Make your next shipment even safer and more cost efficient.

Connected freight means never losing sight of it.

You’ve no doubt heard of the Internet of Things (IoT)? That’s what we do. Advanced cargo sensors are connected to your freight and constantly stream live cargo data to one place: our state-of-the-art cargo security software. There, security and logistics experts continuously analyze data and stand ready to respond to threats.

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Cargo Signal represents a breakthrough in supply chain visibility and empowerment like no other in the industry.