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End-to-end cargo tracking.
No blind spots.

Our services bring you total vision and the power to protect.

Here’s how we do it.

  • Multimodal shipment monitoring with advanced sensor devices connected right to your cargo

  • Real-time data for instant vision and insight on the status of your cargo anywhere in the world, anytime of day

  • 24/7 command center for continuous, single-point shipment tracking, oversight, and data analysis

  • Team response by logistics and security experts who know what to look for and how to act on it

Armed with indisputable data from Cargo Signal, a healthcare company compelled a carrier to provide a major price reduction for not delivering product as contracted.

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We're logistics experts driven by a variety of passions and skills.

  • Data innovators
    Some might say that we're obsessed with data. Guilty. But, to us, it's more about what we do with data and how we respond to it. That's the Cargo Signal difference.

  • Truth seekers
    Your cargo has a lot to say. We're connected and catching it all. From temperature and humidity to tilt and dozens of other conditions—and no need to guess, see for yourself.

  • Control freaks
    We want you to sleep better at night. Think of our security, logistics, and safety expertise—not to mention our best-in-class technology—as one big warm security blanket.

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Is your shipment keeping you up at night? Here’s how Cargo Signal can help you sleep better.


With Cargo Signal, you can set preferences to see updates when you want them. With speed and accuracy, you’ll see the location of your cargo immediately.


Stop guessing. With Cargo Signal, you can let location and sensor data, along with an intelligent process, guide smart decisions.


Lock down your shipment with our security and logistics expertise, best-in-class technology, and proven risk management tactics.

Vitals by Cargo Signal:

Meeting the demanding needs of healthcare

Healthcare products come with demanding shipping requirements. Vitals by Cargo Signal features a broad range of safety and security solutions designed exclusively for the needs of the healthcare sector.

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